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Why I Don't Believe In Christianity Listed Like Pretentious Philisophical People Due.

Guest Valk0010

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Guest Valk0010

Note: I am writing this just for the fun of it, and to see if any of residence christians have anything to say.


1. If the god of the bible is all knowing all seeing and all loving and all powerful the only position to take is that he is evil. Proof of that. The flood, sodam and Gomorrah, any other killing by the bible god. Now if its true that the god of the bible knows everything including the future, and is all loving, would it not be logically consistent then to work like your life depended on it, to avoid even having to do something like the flood or sodam and gomorrah. Regardless of sin, its god who created the situation to allow himself to have to do that. If he is all loving its most logical at least to me, to not even allow the world to get into situation likes those.


2. If it is not the case and the god of the bible is not all knowing and doesn't know the future. The gamble is evil.


3. This is often called the argument from locality, but here is the way I think of it. The book makes the most moral sense if taken within the context and the understanding of in the case of the NT 1st century minds. Woman were less the number , and gays was abomination, those are two of the best examples of first century thinking. There are other things like the advice of paul in regards to marriage, makes the most sense when you know its common for people of that era to get married at 14-15 etc. Would that seriously make it to a bible that is supposed to transcend time, and a god who created us with a objective morality that transcends opinion.


4. Miracles, if we don't see them today why should they be expected yesterday. This does not prove miracles don't occur, it just only says to me that they are the least likely of anything. Even the swoon theory(though that has been squarely refuted) for example is more likely then god did it. Also there is the humean arguement as a example.


5.The similarities between christianity and other religions. One of the best things I have ever did was take a anthropology of religion class. One of the things I was able to realize via what I learned was that christianity operates within similar principals to that of other religions. Why they would believe in a hell for example, or why faith is even a discussed topic, things like that, have similar reasons to me. Or just why things happen at all, like harmful things. Which is why things like sin are invented. The reasoning that would have been used to follow jesus regardless of any claims of the supernatural are similar. To be anti establishment(against the jews of the time), to have needs meet like belonging or maybe even forgiveness, in the case of the apostles, escaping the legalism of the jewish leaders. Amazement at supposed miracles is another one.


6. A lot of the apologetic arguments I know of fail.


7.The problems with things like say morality, which there is proof via things like evolution, that personal god is not required in the equation.


8. Inconsistent revelation and the failure of the holy spirit as a guide, how many branches of christianity are there? And how many different theological views?


9. Even if you can prove some philosophical creator, you got nothing to say, the god would even do things like miracles outside of argument from ignorance and similar reasoning to, I don't know why lighting happens to it has to be thor.


10. Religion is harmful, this doesn't disprove religion, but raises the question, if a all loving god is commanding of us, why does he demand us to do stuff that, we know is harmful. This makes the god concept hard for me to believe in, even if it does exist.


11.This is more of a analogical type of argument. If the universe is created, then we have a manvelonent creator. Think about it this way. You paint a painting or build something. Your going to not make any mistakes right? Everything is going to be designed exactly how you want it. Every tornado, every rape, every hurricane, every calamity is exactly towards the creators plan. To be consistent you would have to say, there will be some good coming out of that. How do you know, that is going to be the case. You could also just simply say this is not heaven, but I would respond, whats the point.


12. There are various arguments like the problem of evil, or Euthyphro dilemma, that I think are sound.


13. There are various reasons I find christian objections to these to fail. Here is a couple. Free will- my thoughts(what is your defintion of free will, is evil a requirement, I don't think evil needs to be a requirement). Suffering that brings out good is allowed(How do you know that happens in all cases). Anti supernatural bias(isn't that the scientific method, saying nature is uniform) About the euthyphro dilemma objections(Why is god even needed then, or what gives god the right then to claim power) God is evil(Well we do have a moral sense saying things like harm=evil).


I could think of more, but I think that is enough.

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