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Atheism On O'reilly -- Excellent Performance


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I wanted to draw attention to David Silverman's interview on the Bill O'Reilly show last month. I thought Mr. Silverman did an excellent job of stating his position, keeping his cool, and bringing atheism into the media spotlight. I also wanted to give credit to Mr. O'Reilly for inviting Silverman on the show as a guest. Take a look at this video:


Video Link


The one thing that I would have liked Mr. Silverman to say is that the billboard attacks the religion, and not the people people who believe it. A doctor who operates on someone afflicted with cancer attacks the disease and not the person. People are separate from their ideas and behaviors. Until all are free... Llewllyn.

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That’s exactly what I have been telling people for years, religion is nothing more then a very long running successful, con-game/scam directed at sadly the poor, the ignorant or the gullible.

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I honestly have to disagree. First, I don't think O'Reilly deserves credit for having him on when he's just doing his usual routine of talking over anyone who disagrees with him. O'Reilly had no risk to take. whatsoever.


Then I don't agree with Silverman. He was good at keeping his cool, but he went in with a cumbersome position and didn't seem as prepared to defend it as well as he should have been. Like you say, he should have been ready to point out that you can call something a sham without implying that of the people who are taken in by it, but that's a hard sell, and this wasn't the best show to pitch it on. Answering O'Reilly's question of why people are going to church knowing it's a sham with "I don't know" when he's on there to defend a billboard claiming such makes atheists look like they're just seeing what they want to see.


It's not a good position to argue from. Especially not to advertise on a billboard. Christians think deep down everyone knows there's a god, atheists think everyone knows there isn't. I haven't heard anything to really convince me either way. I'd imagine any theist has a breaking point to where they would have to stop believing if they reached it, but it's not anything substantial. It's certainly not something that's going to make people think by seeing it on a billboard before it angers them a thousand times over. I've been in both camps and it will always look like a failed Jedi mind trick to the other side.


I agree with this assessment as part of what he should have said:



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