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Goodbye Jesus

Disproving Jesus


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I'm writing a book. It's maybe 1/3 done. The current version is at


I'd like to know what people think of it so far. Here's a sample.


A Poor Job


Church representatives sit at a conference table, beneath the banner

“Jesus brought humanity the way of salvation.”


“And what is Jesus’ way to salvation?” I ask.


“Go ten miles north; then go five miles east; then two miles north

again,” says the Roman Catholic. “Any other way leads to the burning



“Go ten miles south; then go twelve miles east,” says the Jehovah Witness.

“Any other way leads to the burning pit.”


“Go three miles northwest,” says the Baptist. “Any other way leads to

the burning pit.”


The Eastern Orthodox, Seventh Day Adventist, and International

Church of Christ representatives describe their way of salvation.


None of the ways are the same.


“If Jesus brought the way of salvation,” I ask, “why can’t any of you

agree about what the way is? Why do I only get contradictory opinions?

Who has Jesus’ true way of salvation?”


“My church has Jesus’ true way; mine is the one, true church,” says

each representative. “The other churches do not.”


If Jesus brought salvation to humanity he did a poor job, I think.

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Jf - I look forward to buying a copy of your book when it gets published - continue, my friend! It looks really interesting!

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Jf - I look forward to buying a copy of your book when it gets published - continue, my friend! It looks really interesting!

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Don't forget to point out that there is no evidence for a real Jesus whatsoever. Not one tiny shred. There are the Josephus forgeries, and the Tacitus and Pliny hearsay remarks but these were written between one and two hundred years after the gospel era. In any case these refer to Chrestians or Christians who were as Hadrian wrote in a letter, Bishops of Christ, namely priests in the Egyptian cult of Serapis.


On the other hand the whole story of Jesus is there in Ancient Egypt. They called him IOSA,meaning the Ever Coming Son and this is still exactly the same spelling as we find today in Gaelic for Jesus. You can check this at 'Read many versions of the Bible on line'


The Holy Trinity is painted on one wall of King DAVID's tomb showing the deceased king as the father, the son and the Ka or Spirit. His shrine has a cartouche which names him 'God of All Heprew'. The Egyptian word HEPRE (W is the plural) is written with a Scarab glyph, and St.Ambrose referred many times to Jesus as the Good SCARABaeus, so he had to have known the truth.


We even find the Lord's prayer in Ancient Egypt and Psalm 23 refers to Egyptian religious rituals.


The evidence proving that the Jesus story is only a myth is so overwhelming the greatest mystery today is how it is possible for a 'Harry Potter' story still to be believed and by so many. Can't they read?



There isn't even one mention in the New Testament of the Capital City of Galilee, despite the fact that the modern town of Nazareth - which never existed at that time - is only some three kilometres from the old City.


Nor is Caesarea Maritimma, capital of Judaea, mentioned in the gospels - only in Acts.


So much stinks to high heaven, how is it possible for people still to be taken in by the great scam?


Even Paul knows nothing of a living Jesus. There is not one mention of a real Jesus in his Epistles, only the spiritual Jesus that was so well known throughout the Ancient Middle East. Yet the gospels say he was famed throughout Judaea and Galilee. Some fame when the main proponent of Christianity had never heard of him.

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Good point. Here's what I say about it.


Lunatic, Liar, or Lord?


So who are you, Jesus? Who have I been talking to? Are you lunatic, liar or Lord?


Many Believers think that question covers the possibilities of who you are. The question comes from the writings of the famous Christian author, C.S. Lewis. It’s been paraphrased as Mad, Bad, or God.


It’s interesting how the question silently assumes that the Jesus story isn’t mere mythology. It’s as if Lewis didn’t want to think about that possibility.


But, why not? After all, any good Christian believes the stories about Mithras, Zeus, Thor, Apollo, Jupiter, and any other God are mythological. So, if we’re discussing the question “Who is Jesus?” shouldn’t the answer “a figure of mythology” have a place at the table?


At this point, some Believers will protest that Jesus is a genuine historical figure. Believers, save your breath. It really doesn’t matter.


Here’s why. Suppose I said that Superman was a figure of legend, not fact. Would it prove anything if the legend was based on a real character? Suppose some decades ago a man by the name of Clark Kent or Kent Clarkson worked for a newspaper. And suppose he was unusually strong and won several weight-lifting contests. Would that prove that he could jump over tall buildings, change the course of might rivers, and bend steel with his bare hands? Of course, not. And anyone who tried to prove Superman was real by proving an exceptionally strong man once worked for a newspaper would be – to put it bluntly – a fool.


But mix in religion and even smart, intelligent people are liable to act like fools. They’ll spend a lot of time trying to prove that the Romans crucified a Jewish rabbi named Jesus. The Romans crucified lots of people. So what? The whole attempt is foolish; it’s as foolish as trying prove Superman is real by showing a strong man named Clark Kent once lived.


If you can’t prove Jesus was fathered by God, walked on water, and rose from the dead, then you can’t prove the Jesus story isn’t fiction. If a fictional story happens to have a bit of fact mixed in, so what?


So, is there any evidence the Jesus story is fictional?


Yes, lots. Books have been written on the subject and what follows hardly skims the surface.



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