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Just By Way Of Introduction

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I saw this forum as I trawled the net and found the topics on offer quite interesting. I see there appears to be no "Hi I'm new here" section so decided this might be the best section to give a brief introduction.


Long long ago I "accepted the Lord as my own personal Savior" (as the saying goes) but after a while the doctrine of eternal torment was too much to bare. For a while I was into anything but Christianity. Eastern Faiths, then a dabble with atheism, but gradually settled back into a non-church going liberal Christian outlook. But after a long interest in Buddhism, I began a time of serious meditating and began to identify as a Buddhist, a label I still prefer if forced to choose (though I don't really go much on labels at all)


However, I don't really see myself as having "rejected" Christianity. I've been seriously interested in many of the Christian mystics, some of whom are seen as "brothers/sisters" by those within the Buddhist faith. Currently I have no real argument with any particular Christian theology that explicitly rejects the doctrine of an eternal Hell, and I have much regard for the idea given the name of Apocatastasis (try saying that with your teeth in or without spitting!) which points towards the idea of the eventually reconciliation of all things "in Christ".


Anyway, thats keeping it short. Hopefully I fit in here, but we shall see.

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Having just given the guidelines a quick look, perhaps I've posted in the wrong forum. If so, hopefully the moderators will look kindly on a newbie and just move it along.......


No offence intended.

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Welcome to the forums Millips. I relate to a lot of what you describe as your journey away from the sort of Christian theology most of us here were raised with.


I studied Eastern Orthodox Christianity for awhile because I thought they had a different view of heaven and hell and I believe some of them did adhere to this "apocatasasis" idea. I know that the Eastern Orthodox Church has an idea that man eventually becomes God. This was quite different to anything I had previously heard. In fact, if the local Orthodox Churches had been friendlier at one point I might have joined up. As it is, I gravitated to Buddhism.


I think the early Christian church was far from united on this idea of hell (and many other doctrines) until the Roman Catholic Church took over and forced it on everyone.


I would welcome seeing more of your ideas. Probably the best place here to post would be in the "Ex-Christian Theism" forum section. As you say, if the Moderators find a post in an inappropriate area, they will move it. No offense here.


Incidentally, I love your avatar. My neighbors when I was a child had a wire haired terrier. Don't see too many of them nowadays.

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Deva, many thanks for the warm welcome. As "Gods" go we seem to have the same................"none that can be described" seems to relate to "the nameless one". I'll now give the forums a good look and perhaps just pick n' choose where to post as it seems appropriate.


Apocatastasis, at least for me, points to the ultimate purpose of any spirituality/faith - that of unity, communion.........call it what we will. So much religion just seems to divide. To have genuine hope for an ultimate reconciliation of ALL things calls us to seek it NOW with whoever we meet, to say "yes" where we can.


Anyway, thanks again. Hopefully we shall meet again in cyberspace!

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