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Goodbye Jesus

Questions for Christians


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Ponder these questions a bit:


How many other religions have you researched or visited? Do you believe that any of these other religions have something valuable to contribute?


Do you consider the lives and rights of all people everywhere to be equal regardless of race, sex, location, and religious affiliation?


What do you believe is the best relationship between government and religion? Do you think that government should stay out of religion or be dominated by a religion?


Do you believe Christianity is superior to all other religions?


Do you envision that some day everyone in the world will be Christians?


What is your emotional relationship towards people of other religions? Do you feel self righteous indignation or do you feel compassionate understanding?


Do you believe that non-believers are evil or influenced by evil - and should therefore be avoided?

Do you think that's there's any chance that your religion is just plain wrong and that you are being duped?


Do you think that there are other religions who call themselves Christian who are in fact cults?

How do you tell the difference between "True Christians" and "Fake Christians"?


What is the relationship between "faith" and "works"? Isn't what you do a real indicator of what you really believe?


If God knows the future - and what is going to happen has already been decided - do you think that praying will "Change God's Mind" persuading him to grant you a favor?


When you look around at people of other religions and to see how convinced and dedicated they are to their faith - yet from your perspective you know that what they believe isn't real. Likewise - the other person looks at your religion and is equally convinced that they are correct and you are deluded. How do you know that you really are the one who is right - knowing that if you are wrong that you will be equally sure that you are right?


What is your commitment to truth and wisdom? What price are you willing to pay to know the truth? If you became aware that you were living a lie - would you continue to live the lie?


Do you believe that God wants you to know reality the way it really is?


Do you believe there is any reason why the exploration of reality would be a bad thing?


Then go to http://www.churchofreality.org/wisdom/message_to_christians/ and read the whole page.

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