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Goodbye Jesus

Man’s Laws Are Better Than God’s. This Is The Irrefutable Reason.

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Man’s laws are better than God’s. This is the irrefutable reason.



Man’s laws can and are questioned and changed when found lacking.

Their penalties are graduated where the penalty is fitted to the crime/sin.


Our first examples of God’s laws are given to us in Eden.


The ancient and modern Hebrews and Jews do not read Genesis literally and see it as man’s elevation and not our fall. Somewhat the way this clip portrays.



The Hebrews and Jews see us going from child to man with Satan, through the talking serpent, being the wise animal described by God. God’s instrument and warning of testing our temptations. Satan, God’s most glorious angel. All in myth of course with no ties to any reality.


Ancient Christians, to this Gnostic Christian, made the fatal error of thinking that God had completely failed in Genesis and started of a corrupted man with a cursed earth and a God that lacks a good moral sense. They thus follow willingly a genocidal maniac.

Somewhat like you or I following the Hitlers and Stalins of history. Insanity by today‘s standards.


Christians were wrong then and now have been indoctrinated so deeply in this idiotic notion of God’s failure, that now, thanks to their purse, the Church hierarchy will not reverse this, fatal to thought, view. They would have to admit that they created the notion of guilt and the Church would lose many $$$.

Can’t place truth above $$$ now can they?


Man’s laws are graduated and have a sliding scale of penalties.


Are God’s laws, with their unchangeable nature and one size fits all ultimate penalty, inferior to man‘s laws?




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