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Goodbye Jesus

Einstein And Darwin: A Tale Of Two Theories


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What do you think?


I think the average Joe doesn't really know much about what Einstein's theories, just that they are important. Though the basics of evolution is maybe easier to understand, the average Joe probably has misconceptions about it, like the common misconception "we evolved from chimps". So I doubt the difference in Einstein's and Darwin's reputation has much to do with the depths of their discoveries. I think Darwin is less appreciated because of the controversial nature of his field of science. I know I was pretty ignorant about science as a Xtian and I'm just beginning to learn, but I hated Darwin. Why? Well, because I knew if his theory is true then the Bible cannot be true. I really think Darwin's "controversial" reputation comes down to this, plain and simple. Einstein's theory, though revolutional in science, doesn't have this potential to shake the grounds of our (religious) worldviews of thousands of years. Einstein only "killed" Newton, not God, like Darwin....


Now, I have a soft spot for Darwin because I usually like the underdogs and I think he is still often unfairly treated, bashed and deliberately misinterpreted - of course, mainly by people of religion.


I know that some churches accept Darwin's theory and have no problem saying the Bible's creation story is a metaphor and so they can somehow reconcile science and the Bible in their mind. But to me, coming from a fundie background, it is all or nothing. And I think many Xtians, Muslims feel the same. So I think Darwin's reputation has a lot to do with this. But he'd be pleased to see how many evidences we have in support of his theory by now. So he's slowly but surely winning.

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Add to that the fact that Einstein laid a good part of the foundation for things that we know to work (nuclear reactors, and sadly warheads too). Plus, the areas where thinking about relativity makes you want to open your skull and unravel your brain don't tend to be important in Joe and Jane Average's life (at least I don't know very many people who routinely travel at speeds near c and such :) ).


That said, I always felt it more difficult to accept Einstein (fully) than Darwin, but then I approached both from the scientific side and the mountain of evidence supporting evolution is... ;)

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I believe that most Christians do believe in evolution, so that battle has been won. The debate is on how or why it takes place. Evolution can't demonstrate how or why we got here but I see many misuse it as a psuedo-religion. Fundamentalists, as it were, attacking fundamentalists.

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