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My Week So Far


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I've had a horrible week but I got a lot out of it, I thought I'd like to share.


Ever since I've de-converted I've lost a lot of friends. As well as this my best friend and most beautiful girl I know moved away to another city. My Birthday is today, and I've been dreading it because I knew I wouldn't have many people to share it with.


Work was horrible, just the usual deadlines, busy busy busy and not enough time to do the job properly.


On Tuesday my mother calls to tell me my grandmother overseas is very ill. On Wednesday she passes away.


My mum, with whom I have a very bad relationship, unloads on me all her guilt of not been good to her mother. I start thinking about all the things I regret if she passes away,


Today I got kept back at work to finish a job.


I get home and find someone has broken into my house. No valuables were taken but perhaps some documents.


I then realise I left my backpack on the cab on the way home.


But the good thing is, this morning when I woke up, I decided I'm going to quit work, I'm going to change careers. I also decided that nothing is going to ruin my day.


And nothing has :)


Thanks guys.

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