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She Sits Seconds Still


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Sue should see Seeker, she shall see sea; she saw Seeker sitting, seagulls swooping. She sprinted sand side-to-side, surrounding Seeker. She said "Seeker, Sue should sight sexual self selfarousing?" Seeker serenely smiled, "Should? Sexual selves should swell soulfully." She snorted. Songbird swooped. She sat Sue's shoulder softly. Seeker solicited Sue, "Should Seeker skedaddle soon?" Sue stated, "Seeker, should she skedaddle? Sure." Seeker sadly submitted, "Shame." Sorrowful Seeker; so stupidly Sue shut-out Seeker. She split. Sue stood still, sea swelling.


Songbird sang sheer sadness, Sue sadly skulked. Suddenly, sea showed Sue self, she self-aroused. She seemed sexy. Sky shone, some sun shown. She slapped self, she smiled. Ship skimmed, she saw ship's size. She squealed. Ship situated-on sand. Seawater sloshed. "Sam! Second-in-command, Ship: Sea-Dancer!" Sam shouted. Sue saw Sam, so suddenly surprised. Sam stowed Sue, Sue saw Sea Dancer's simulacrum. Savvy sexually, Sam stringed Sue, Sam suspected Sue shapely. Sue snickered sportingly. Sam squeezed Sue, she swooned. Sam smiled. Sky shone splendidly, seagulls shrill. Sea tantalizingly sapphire. Sam salaciously smooched Sue. Sue sustained smooching Sam senselessly. Shimmering swallowtails soared. She steered Sam - Sam's sack, so sexy Sam seemed. Sam and Sue shagged, souls-in sack.


Seal-Dancer shipped, stopped-at Stockholm's seaport. Stupendous sanctuaries soaring skywards. Shuffling swarms squashed sychronically. Sky smoky silver. Stuff sold. Sue sniffled, seagirt squaw she. Seagirt stubbornly she. Sam's spirits soared. Stockholm Sam's sanctuary. Sign spouses scanned "Stockholm's strålande!"; Sam said, "Stockholm's stunning!". Sue shrugged. She sauntered Stockholm's streets straight. Swarms stared, Sue singularly strange, she smiled so sizeably, so slapdashedly. Swarms shuffled, skedaddled. She surmised Seeker's sensibility straightaway. She sobbed.


Seven seasons succeeding, Sue said sorry, Seeker smiled. She seized Sue, "Sue, superb. So Seeker supports Sue still." Span strolled.



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Suddenly saw said somewhat sensational story!


Totally terrific, titillating typed tale. To telegraph truths takes time, talent.


Understandably upending usual uses.


Verily, verily, very vivacious verbal vittles!

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