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Goodbye Jesus

The Immoral God


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Just a thought...


If morality and ethics has to be defined by a higher power, then God doesn't have morality or ethics, since no higher power defined it for him.


He's immoral.


But if God can created his own morals, then why can't we?

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That's a logic equation? Does it pan out? Then Wow.


I say, or should I say, I pray?, that God could do it all in one fell swoop. Just send the same message to everyone's computer and text msg receiving cell phone, voice mail, tv channel, radio, every where on the planet, at the same moment:


"I am God, I exist, I am watching. Ask everyone else if they got this same message and you will know I am He. Be good to each other, cut out the bullshit, and throw out your Bibles, just love and help one another, period."


That's it, short, sweet, to the point. The message is bullshit, but to be received on every computer.


Maybe sign it: Don't make me come down there AGAIN!



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