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Why I Apostisized


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Hi, I'm David. I am a new member here and felt like sharing my story from Christian-called pastor to atheist.

I grew up in Aberdeen, Maryland. My father was the pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in that area. I always thought I believed in god and loved Jesus.


I made a huge mistake. I became a Christian without reading the Bible. I started to read the Bible and could not believe the things I found. I found historical and scientific mistakes, math mistakes, contradictions, failed/fabricated priohecies and violation of human rights!


This is when I became shaken in my faith. I am gay and know I'm going to hell wheither or not I remain a CHRISTIAN!


I done research and couldn't find a single answer to my questions. ALL the other forums shunned me and the members contradicted itself. I DIDN'T know who or what to believe and concluded that the BIBLE was a work of fiction.


I'm a lot happier now. I am no longer in chains of the laws of the church and can finally be with the person I want to be with rather than the church telling me I can't be with the person I love because of X.


I'm David, and this is my story on how I left Christianity.

p.s. How do I tell my parents to quit forcing me to go to church?



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I got my parents to quit making me go to church by explaining why I believe what I believe, and then stubbornly refusing to go. But all parents are different and refusing to go might make things worse for you.

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