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Unconditional Love/disappointment

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Today at work one of fellow employees, who's a Christian, brought up that one of her friend's boy has taken a deep liking to girls dresses and dolls. Of course this is very worrisome for her and she commented about how this means the child could grow up to be gay. She's very concerned about this.


Already I saw a bumpy topic coming up, but what really got me into the conversation was she expressed she would be disappointed if she had a child that was gay. I asked why she would be disappointed? It's interesting seeing how nervous it was for her to even express anything about homosexuality.


She mentioned one reason is cause it's not normal and how it means no grandchildren. I tossed out about surrogate parents used in society. (wanted to bring up "If it's unnatural, then why have gays always existed through out history?" but didn't bother)


Then she brought up about how she would still love her child but still be disappointed in them. I responded how that seemed sad and not unconditional love which a parent is suppose to have. She said she had unconditional love, but would still be dissapointed. Don't think she saw the contradiction in her sentence. Expressed that if I had a child if they were gay, straight, or bi I wouldn't be disappointed in them at all, cause that's what unconditional love is suppose to mean right? I could see in her expression and body language the topic makes her very uneasy. She has a nervous laugh.


She brought up that she knows gay people, but to me it seems she doesn't. At least enough to stop seeing it as something "Not Normal".


Not sure what direction I'm wanting to take this post. I guess this conversation just strikes me seeing how a person can not see what it is their saying when they have unconditional love for a child but say they would be disappointed if they were gay? Why not have unconditional love for a child but be disappointed in them for being straight? That's how petty this seems to me.


Wonder how she would have reacted if I came out right there to her? :scratch:


Sub-human... when will they stop seeing us as that?

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It's like how the biblegod is said to love the sinner, not the sin. But there's no way of separating the two. She can't love a gay child through her disappointment, yet she believes her love is unconditional. The biblegod is disappointed in the sinner, yet says He loves them unconditionally. The condition is to be reborn straight, just as the sinner is to be reborn without sin. That's what popped into my demented mind, anyway.

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Just thought of a good way I should have worded my response to the worker about the issue:


"I'd be disappointed in myself if I ever said that I'd be disappointed if my child was gay."


Fascinates me how the issue of homosexuality is such a "That which shall not be mentioned!" topic. Yet the double standard I see if how straight sexuality is flaunted all the damn time. Case in point, this worker just got back from a vacation with her husband and she brought a photo book. Great photos and all but one photo in particular had them sitting together making out. I glossed over it just as all the other photos with no bother, but I know for a fact if I did a photo like that with a partner there would be a whole range of negative reactions from staff.


Even how it's automatically perceived that everyone is straight. I get comments all the time how the women gotta be chasing a young single guy like me. I just laugh and don't bother bringing it up, but I admit it is frustrating after a while. For the moment I don't want to be a possible target in the work environment. I'm there to work anyway.



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