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Guest aqabaman

hi to all. i'm neither new to the site, or to deconversion.

i grew up overseas, the son of evangelical missionaries. the amount of dogma i've been exposed to is worth mutliple lifetimes, no doubt.

i'm looking to connect with former/current preacher's kids, and/or missionary kids. even if you still adhere to your faith, email me. i'm thinking that within the church, there is an enormously high percentage of closet agnostics.

this is nothing more than an interesting social experiment for me.

i'd love to talk to anyone that grew up along those lines.

email me or post a reply.

end of story.

have fun.

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This isn't what you are looking for, but I know a few PKs who outright rebelled into athiesm, and I was friends with one as a child who wasn't a Christian, but still acted like it for her parents.


I have a lot of contact with seminary students as a religious studies major, and I have always thought (as you do) that most educated Christians are agnostic. The pastor who married my husband and I was an agnostic... his reason for continuing to stay a pastor was that Christianity was good for society, even though he believed it to be bullhockey.

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