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Goodbye Jesus

Christian ethics


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Well, what are they? Provide scriptural support or church tradition, and explain why they are better than the zeitgeist ethics.

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I will not do business with a known *advertising* religious person or business.


Been hosed over by a lotta fish folks, moreso in the businesses I've been involved in than folks who weren't, or did not advertise publicly they were faithful.


Morg, Borg, Xorg, Jworg all have had their opportuinities to do with contracting or sub-contracting to my assoted ventures, we all would make money.


"Whatever water rises makes all the boats float" I've asked for some interesting boats to come play in the tubs.


Seems to me by experience that the -org folks have some kinda conection to daBeegMann and can cut, steal and accquire shit of daFatman's dinero and not feel earthly repercussions..


When you hire a subcontractor, you in essence warrant, bond his work to yours. he or they fuck up or off, you, the main contact in contract, make it right, or you don't get the pay off at end of contract.


Since subbing generally is a *paid as you go*, these folks can fuck off and screw ya, if one is not careful watching.


Back to *ethics*. Fuck amigo, I hire these fatheads on so I don't have to be watching them every fucking step..


Every -org type has cost me more money in long run. I refuse to do business with publicly profession fishfuckers..


k, burned by shitheads, L

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