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"the Morontheist's Best Friend Is (perceived) Certainty"

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Heya all you fellow unbelievers firedevil.gif ,


This is basically an article on morontheism and misogynism (German - please abuse the online translation service of your choice wink.png ):




There's an interesting claim in it though, regardless of the main topic, which seems quite reasonable to me - I'd like your thoughts.


What's said here is that the moderate believer, compared to the fanatical morontheist, suffers from a severe weakness, namely the knowledge of her own fallibility. Whatever she believes, however she interprets the scripture of her faith, she is aware of the fact that she might be wrong. The self-perceived certainty of morontheist cultists, on the other hand, appeals very much to such doubters. It is claimed that, this way, moderate belief keeps a door open for the cults - you become a moderate believer, run face-first into doubt, and maybe you'll finally join one of the cults of the braindead because there you (think you) can be sure you're believing, thinking, doing the right thing.


Whacha think? smile.png

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The author has a valid point, in my opinion. Right now I am having memories of being guilt-tripped into becoming a "warrior for christ". I can still hear the frenzy being whipped up, as we were told to "die to ourselves, and take up the cross for jesus". The exhortations to become "radically on fire for jesus", if we truly wanted to hear jesus say, "well done, good and faithful servant" when we "meet him in heaven". And I remember sitting there, while all this was going on, thinking, "yes. I WILL pray harder. I WILL come closer to you, jesus! I will be your good and faithful servant, all the days of my life!" And I'd go away, on a high, with a desire to spread the gospel to anyone and everyone. I'd go to more services, prayer groups, and bible studies. I'd take out my pen and paper and take notes. I thought I was becoming "radical for christ". Instead I was just getting more brainwashed and losing my ability to think for myself. If the pastor didn't preach it, if it wasn't in the bible, I wanted no part of it. Pretty fucking sad.

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