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My Friend


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Much different style than the last...


My Friend


Every day in our own way

We laugh at things we dare not say

But it is those things that brings us back

It brings us out to the same old shack

The place where you were first a stranger

Now placed out from present of danger

Every day we worked with change

We cope we deal we rearrange

But nothing could prepare me for

What the future had in store


Our lives were things we played with daily

Did not consider their eminent frailty

The everyday way

In ones own everyday strives

And an everyday day

In our everyday lives

But we had fun in the things we've done

Times we'd bleed to make us see

Chaos was your liberty


It's those things that make me laugh

And it's those things that make me cry

Things that they would try to graph

But if they did, would you have died?

It brings us back to crazy and daring

Something we lacked from lack of caring

The line we drew between was few

And that I fear was the end of you


We based our lives on fun and freedom

We hoped not to collide with reason

In those moments we felt alive

When sink or swim we make the dive

Never to be last in line

But why is it you have to die?

~ ~ ~

My friend it's been a day or two

Since I've even thought of you

Since you up and went away

To where I hope wait better days

And things you left, I'll hold for you

Things I pray, will find you soon

You left your jacket at my house

For weeks I guessed when I pulled it out

The time you used it in the rain

And said umbrellas were insane

Red sleeves to long and collar blue

The fabric that still smells of you

The little things, which made sense to me

The little things, no one else could see

Your stack of outdated magazines

With circled ads and colorings

Your new cap that didn't fit so swell

Now it holds my head quite well

The times that we drove, just to drive

Things of such, made us feel alive

The times we went, a little too far

In jokes we knew, weren't meant to scar

And I thank you for the things you hold

Still safe with you the things I told

But most of all you left with me

The burden of joys contradictory

Things I'm left remembering

Forever I am treasuring

You've changed me exponentially

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Guest Guest_serenitynow_*

Did you write that? Though I see joy and love in many of the things that your faith tells you are sinful, putting myself back into the shoes of a believer, that is a beautiful poem.

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God fearing indeed. I wish it included blood and destroyed towns by the order of God.

Great poem by the way.

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Indeed, shut up and go, A T Thunderbird. I am you, remember? You are my satirical character.


BTW, good poems, keep these up.

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