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Goodbye Jesus

Wrote Pat Today...


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I wake up this morning to get revise an RFQ, before heading out the door to collabrate some creative and I hear on the news...


Micheal Newdow, who went before the supreme court to ban the Pledge of Allegience...


Brought this immediate reaction to me in the form of an email to the newsroom:


"To: wisntvnews@themilwaukeechannel.com


I can not believe what I just heard.


Carolyn just reported that Micheal Newdow wanted the

Pledge "banned".


This is incorrect!


Micheal Newdow never advocated that the Pledge of Allegience be banned, however just the removal of the phrase "under god" which is an establishment of religion under the 1st Amendement. The Supreme Court decided to not rule on the phrase and take the easy-way out and not offer a ruling based upon the Consitution, but on domestic matters. Futhermore, Channel 12 news, the phrase "under god" was added in



Please correct yourself.





That felt good, but something else was bothering me so I sent Brother Pat this little note as well:


"Dear Pat,


I grant you too much respect by stating "dear" in the salutatory part of this letter.


But I have had enough of you and your angry devisive rhetoric against the country I love in all its wonderful pluralism and freedom.


You hate this country.


Leave it.


No regards-"


To wit I got this reply ...

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Call them and let them know their error. It had a phone number.

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