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The Impact Of Post-Modernism On Science, Evolution, And Intelligent Design


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I have continued to investigate Evolution, and the Intelligent Design circus. However, one question that continues to crop up in my mind, is the impact of post-modernist philosophy on science, evolution, and the increasing acceptance of Intelligent Design.


Post-modernism, at its core, is disparaging of science as a way of finding 'truth' and knowledge. It puts equal, if not more, weight, on other sources of 'truth' or knowledge, and discovering that for oneself. It is also non-heirarchial; unlike modernist philosophy, science is not the pinnacle of knowledge.


I cannot help but wonder about the impact of post-modernism on the academic community and the larger population, and how this could translate to Intelligent Design being given room for even consideration, let alone acceptance. Is post-modernist philosophy a tool used by proponents of Intelligent Design to further their cause, pleading for consideration of their flawed argument?


Not only that, but could post-modernism be responsible for increased skepticism of science, and scientific method among the general population?


I would be very interested in everyone's responses to these questions.

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