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Goodbye Jesus

Professing Themselves To Be Wise, They Became Fools

Apostate called Jimmy

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I gotta tell ya, I just love this bible verse. Love, love, love it. I love it because fundies like to throw this line at those "dumb ol' atheistic scientists" who come

to their conclusions through physical, verifiable evidence and good ol' reason and logic. I love it because of the sheer irony of it.


Here are just few of many actual quotes from fundies(brought to you by the wonderful site "Fundies Say the Darndest Things") with the links to each one :


"Fossil fuels". Is that not the dumbest thing you ever heard?


So, what, did all the dinosaurs just die and pile up in Saudi Arabia? People are so stupid *rollseyes*"



"HA!I'm not the one who thinks we came from monkies!Answer me this them,Mr. Knowitall.How did the two monkeys that we came from know to evolve at the same time?What if the female monkey evolved first,did she have to wait around until the male monkey finished evolving from whatever they were before?Did she have to say to him "hurry up and evolve so we can make baby humans together"?Yeah,creationists are the stupid ones.lmao!"



"We already know that E=mc2 is wrong because it contradicts Newton's law of gravity. E=mc2 says nothing is faster than the speed of light....yet as we know, this is not correct. Gravity is instantaneous, thus faster than the speed of light. If the earth were to move, for example, the moon would somehow "know" it and move right along with it. Same with the sun...if the sun were to move, the planets would follow the sun around, all without ropes.


Scientists have long known that Einstein's theory contradicted Newton's law of gravity, but it's just one of those things they try to keep hush about and sweep under the carpet like it doesn't exist.


So if E=mc2 is wrong, which it is, then we can pretty much be assured that astronomers and cosmologists are not to be trusted because they simply do not know what they're talking about."



"Its funny how scientists think they KNOW everything, and they KNOW there is no God, and they KNOW the big bang theory is real, and they KNOW this and that, but they don't KNOW a simple thing about a planet that is part of our solar system and so important to this world.


How little and insignificant we are.


There are no sunspots because the Lord has simply calmed the sun for now.


dumb scientists."



And there's much more moonbattery where that came from. I especially love that last one: "dumb scientists". Wow. Just, wow. There truly are no words for the sheer audacity of that statement. To claim that the very people who brought us television, satelites, cell phones, iPods, internet, modern medicine, space flight, etc. etc. et-fucking-cetera are ""dumb" and don't know what they are talking about really just astounds me. I mean not being dumb is one of their major qualifcations and you think you know better than them just because a book of fables written during the bronze age that has been translated and retranslated time and time again, not to even mention the bukus(sp?) of contradictions and inconsistencies, tells you so. You honestly believe that 7 billion ethnically and racially diverse people all descended from one white man(Noah) from just 3,500 years ago and you have the gall to call scientists dumb?


And that is why I love Romans 1:22, even more than the mouth breathers do, because it elequently and ironically describes the gravely misplaced arrogance and overall obliviousness of the chrsitian fundementalist to a goddamned tee. So i think it bears repeating:


Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

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Some days I wish that ignorance was actually a painful condition. Maybe we'd see less of it in the world.


(That's a paraphrase of a quote I saw somewhere once. I didn't come up with it myself.)

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People who disagree with me are stupid.

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The one that gets me is the line "that which we know to be the truth". Every time I hear it I can't stop laughing. And people in my church say it nearly every Sunday.


It's not the truth.


You don't know.


You are deluding yourself and deceiving others (which is dishonest and anti-truth) because you have unfounded and wacky beliefs.

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