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Goodbye Jesus

The Bible Solves Everything Supposedly!


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Someone I know is planning her wedding a posted this on Facebook, then some retard posted the following comment! Because the words of the lord will really help you plan your wedding! Arrrgh!

about an hour ago via mobile

Food tasting done but I'm so stressed out its ridiculous, I feel so exhausted/sad/worried/anxious...& so much more /: #basicallylongestTO:DO:LISTever


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I hope in a few years from now when her kids are causing her to feel exhausted/sad/worried/anxious that no one recommends Deut 21:18-21 (stone your rebellious children).


On second thought, maybe if someone did recommend that verse, she'd wake up and see how stupid christinsanity is!

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Guest Babylonian Dream

When I was christian, I prayed for alot of things, and hoped the Bible had answers for me. My prayers were of things I didn't have the capacity to do on my own, so they went unanswered. In the Bible, there was no answer for me. That's because prayers aren't answered, and the Bible is just a book written with answers relevant to the lives of middle iron age peasants, and their obedience to the state of hellenistic Judea, not modern era people.

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