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Goodbye Jesus

Mare Purissimus


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By Onyx


Ad mare,

ad mare,

cum est pelagi.


To the sea,

to the sea,

since it is the open sea.


Suus vultus tristis,

Amorit amoris ab ceu deperivi,

discubit spectare maris.


Flux mare.


His face was sorrowful,

he loved his love as if it was deprived from him,

he sat to watch the sea.


The sea is flowing.


Mare purissimus,



The sea is most pure,



Qui pollicitos mare?

Ad lamentat,



What promises did the sea make?

To him who cries,



Conplectatus eum ipsum,


spero saluifer.


It welcomes him into itself,

he is floating,

he is hoping for healing.

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