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Goodbye Jesus

How I Left My Evangelical Christian Faith


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This isn't my testimony (I did that a couple years ago), but it's an article article about losing faith in religion that includes a few links to resources for anyone going through the process:


"How I Left My Evangelical Christian Faith"


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Amazing. Thank you for posting.

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"For years I had been patching my Christian faith together,

as I like to say, with duct tape and bailing wire."


"Now, finally, after two decades of warping my feelings,

perceptions and intellect to defend the absolute goodness

of the Christian God, I got mad. I said to the god in my head,

"I’m not making excuses for you anymore. I quit."


This was my experience also. I was unable to reconcile my beliefs (or what I was supposed to believe) about God with the stark reality of what I observed and experienced.


The day I stopped making excuses for God's behavior/lack thereof, the day I stopped defending God, is the day it all started to slide.


And here I am!

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