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Goodbye Jesus

It's All About The Environment.


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Let's start out with the basics. My family, extended or immedeit, have never been too ultra religious besides my mother. She never relly found a church she liked so fortunetly for me for ages despite I've always lived right next to them I've never really attended them. As a kid when I complained I couldn't sleep she attempted faith healing, would pray every night with me and read me stories from the bible that even as a kid made me go "duh huh whaaaa?" but I never really tried to qustion as it was wrong because I was like 7.


We moved from Florida to North Carolina and as I grew up my mother eased a little with the whackiness but the general population of NC kept installing religious morals, beliefs, dogmas and intolerance for 99% of the people I had to deal with were ultra religious. So when I was younger and a bit femmy I took much shit from classmates, "friends" who betrayed me and even my brother and dad. I spent a good year trying to pray the gay away, adjust my sexuality and spent less time with my mom which I loved. Only thing that changed was I was sent into a period of depression which lasted for about a year. That's when I started disbelieving and challanging. But refused to disbelieve too much so I church hopped and it really didn't make me feel any better about christians.


My brother came out as an atheist and my mother had a rage fit. She stopped caring as long as he never mentioned it. So as you can see to a growing child this all stacks up. I had later accepted I was bi-sexual and when I came out to my schoolmates that turned out to be a horrible idea. People rode my nuts like I was a horse. I had also still the indoctirnation in me so I spent years trying to put god into context with my much beloved science, I.E. Intelligent design, maybe god created molecules and life to evolve the way they do, then I dropped into deism and after spending the last whole semester watching spiritual documentaries, the best being the Nature of Existence the 7 part series and main doc., it opened my eyes to that the chrstian dogma and moral structure was wrong.


By this time my family had understood that their homophobia nearly broke me in half and my mother saw the error of her teachings. I had decided to forcfully pry anything christian related to beliefs and morals from my brain and tried to see everything from my new spirituality and perspective which is a mixture of naturism, humanism and universalism. Being ADHD with a good IQ and being in my own head all blasted day allowed me to change perspectives and yada yada with relative ease, mind you I'm stretching relative pretty hard here.


So I am now a 17 year old naturist and uber liberal, VERY anti-christian with a disbeliever father, brother, and chilled out mother who I think believes my bi-sexuality (I'm actually a bit of a pan-sexual) is still a phase but she has no plans to stop it. And rather than being miserable I'm each and every day much happier with my current beliefs, ownset morals and values which I've been more secure in as I have found secularist friends and a supporting family. Sorry if the cohesion and such is off first time I tried to put it all into one thing.

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I'm the first to respond! :)


Exevolt, I'm glad to be able to read your extimony after talking to you last night. Glad to hear you made it out like I did.


Did you ever tell your brother about your lack of belief now? The two of you could have a good discussion about it I'm sure!

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Welcome aboard. Glad you found your truth. Not many people locate it in their lives.

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