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Goodbye Jesus

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Waking up early to christ TV on my TV has put me in a frisky energetic mood and I started thinking about some christ rage stuff I remember and one particular incedent came up. If your ead my post on the Lions Den topic "What Type of Christian Annoys you the most?" One of mine was the Teen Fakers. Back story to the incedent between me and this guy Matt.


I went on a church outting with Matta nd his church C3 (Christ City Church or something) about 1-2 years back. We heard a small prayer from the pastor who was like no more than 20, had a religious convo, listened to the christ rock band that tried to look all cool with mohawks, half laced shoes, punk looks but standard christ attitudes. Now before I even thought about staying I asked Matt "Are these guys cool with, y'know, bi-sexual, gays, LGBT types?" to which he answered Yes.


We left for the ice skating rink and now 2 years later Amendment One comes up and Matts life is a total joke. I asked him how he felt about Amendment One and he said he doesn't think homosexuality is right but they shouldn't be banned from marriage. I asked him "Whoa why is it wrong?" to which he said "Dude I'm christian." I about menstrated right there as this boy has not attended church in like 2 years, dates a Wiccan and tried Wicca for a month, had pre-marital sex, had been bi at one point (was prolly just attention whoring), cuts himself from time to time, cheated on his girlfriend before, likes porn (especially herm.), and flirts, touches, and looks at other women with lust, treats his kind girlfriend like a piece of housewife meat as he damn near rapes her on the bus and treats her like crap at home, yet he claims to be a christian and wears christ shirts, a cross patten purity ring, and a big crucifix. And didn't he say his pastor didn't teach against LGBT's? Oh yeah this dude also hangs out with his OVERLY flamboyant gay cousin, Travis who is very flamming, the other Travis who is just meek and gay, me who has no sexual preferances via gender / gender identity, and a horde of other LGBT types.


My rage-o-meter almost went through the roof luckily this very flamboyant and southern gay boy Travis I know with a heavy distaste for fakers rage-o-meter went off first and Matt stormed off before I could go off on him. If there's anything I hate more than christians is the fakers who like to cherry pick the crap they follow and don't do what they preach.

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