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This is a post I have wanted to make for some time, and I am finally getting around to doing it.


Part of my biggest struggle as a recent ex-christian, is that I am surrounded by christians. I made sure of that, when I was still a christian, much to my current detriment. I work with christians, I am friends with christians, or am I alone (which is what I choose most of the time). I am working on getting out of this current situation, but due to a car accident I was in, it has been a bit difficult. (I will be around good, not christian friends soon though.)


Since I am surrounded by christians, I hear their stories all the time. I see their facebook posts. Their wedding pictures. They tell me their beautiful and passionate, sad and lovely stories. Even though I disagree with christianity completely (and am often annoyed by their stories, facebook posts, wedding pictures), I miss the passion and beauty I see in (some of) their lives, that I used to have. But I also know that there are people out there who live just as passionate and beautiful lives, who are not christians, but I do not see them or hear their stories, because I chose to surround myself with christians, and because I live in america, in the bible belt.


So the purpose of this thread is to post beautiful atheist, agnostic, and whatever else you are, stories. (Or just PEOPLE stories, outside of religion or beliefs in general). I need to hear them, and I am sure I am not the only one. I need the encouragement that life can be beautiful outside of Christianity. That people can love, and be true, and good, and passionate, and strong, and kind, and romantic, and bold, and courageous. If you have your own story, post it! Or if you read one, post it!


A lot of us need this encouragement, Im sure. And I'm sure a lot of you have your own stories to tell.


(I understand that many of you do not see christianity as something that is remotely beautiful. I do not either. But that is a different conversation, not meant for this thread.)

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I don't exactly have an inspiring story but I do have an inspiring suggestion.


More and more I have stopped watching most things on TV. Instead I have been using YouTube as a learning tool. I have been learning to cook some really yummy Asian dishes. Mostly Japanese right now. But Vietnamese and Korean as well.


Although you can get lost in the creepy part of YouTube, I find that I am learning things about a culture that I would otherwise miss out on. It's very interesting and inspiring to take some of the really good things I have learned and apply them to my life. And none of it has to do with religion or spirituality.


I like to learn about any culture you can think of. And it has really made me look at the Earth in a very different light. Sure there are a number of crazy things in the world, but there is also a really rich and diverse population. It really makes me wonder why we live the way we do in America. So many other countries do so many things better than us. But that is just my view.


YouTube can be quite freaky, but it can also bring global cultures together. I love watching talent shows from other countries, especially music. I don't always get sucked into all the comments people leave, but every now and then you hit a video where people from all over leave some really nice thing about the video and each other.


There is a lot of ugliness in the world, and sometimes you have to shove it aside and look harder for the good things. And there are so many interesting things out there.

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I think you have read that one of the things that used to make me completely crazy as a christian, was always asking god, WHY, WHY,WHY??? I was always angry at god and then I would spend time asking for forgiveness to him for being 'outspoken' and not trusting his plan.What a freedom to not have that anger in me any longer.


I have just started getting very used to a life without god. I'm really looking at life and asking myself what I want to do with the rest of it. I am really noticing the prettiness of the earth. I am tending to look closer at everthing - I won't see it after I die. I contemplate not being here anymore when I die, so I know I better make the best out of my time. I like the freedom of thought now, the freedom to decide what I want instead of waiting on gods plan.


I take it day by day. Some days are diamonds and some days are stone. It was the same thing when I was a christian serving god ...good and bad days. Now I realize it's just life!!


The trick for me right now is to keep my eyes on the positive and stay off the negative things in life. I HATE all the suffereing in the world...but if I just accept it as and understand that I can't save the world...but I can still help those in my community... I can remain somewhat content. Logical life and evolution just makes sense to me now......


Christians stay in their own little world because they are still looking for someone outside of themselves to rescue them...like I did. Now, I get to take the 'bull by the horns' anytime I want to change something!!


Good post hon! thanks!

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Well I like gardening and flowers and I see beauty in nature and so I can share about that.


I have moved around so many times over the years, I have never had a permanent place to settle down and build and work on a garden. 2006 My husband and I finally settled after years of military life and we now have a home and a yard where I have been slowly and surely adding plants, trees, shrubs and have been exercising my creativity in designing beds and the landscaping. Some things have been hits and misses and I have had plants die on me. other things have flourished and I get excited by their growth spurt as I walk around my garden.


I loved the first spring here. I had created a rock garden that has been an on going project for me and have been adding various varieties of rock garden plants. I did not know what to expect after the first winter here because I had never had perrenials before. And it was exciting to see the tiny shoots of plants like my sedum coming back through the ground. It was like "It's Alive!" and I was calling my husband out to look. LOL And now I have added more perrenials to my garden and each spring it is an exciting time for me to see the plants come back to life year after year.


I have been adding flowers and plants that I have always liked seeing in other gardens or in pictures of gardens. Recently I bought lambs ears. I have always liked them. Lambs ears like the shade and I have a spot for them. They have Lovely silvery leaves that are soooo soft just like velvet. What a beautiful texture. Then I bought a red hot poker plant. A spikey leaved plant with erect stems with flaming orange spikey bloom on the end. I also planted black eyed Susan's. I love them and Daisys and I am looking forward to them growing and producing those lovely flowers to attract the butterflies and insects. And they will come back year after year if all goes well.

We have butterfly bushes outside our window and each year it produces beautiful purple plumes that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. We get those wonderful large Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, Bright yellow and black butterflies. And it is so relaxing to sit in my home and look out my window to watch the activity of the insects and birds at work.


This year we also planted a Kwaanzan cherry blossom tree which has pink blossoms in the spring. It is a young baby right now but I hope it will grow into a wonderful tree in our back garden and provide a pretty picture for us in the spring.


I have a blueberry bush which is self pollinating but some varieties need partners and that is something I learned about. Some bushes. shrubs and trees need a male or female partners so they can produce berries and fruit. I had no clue about these things and so I have been learning along the way. My blueberry bush has produced more and more berries each summer. Last year it was such a delight to be able to pick a whole bowl full and I could pick and eat the sweet fruit straight off the plant. They tasted so different to the store bought ones. And this year there are clusters of young berries all over it, they aren't ready yet but I am amazed at how many there are and can't wait to be able to pick them.


So anyway, my garden is my escape and is like therapy for me as I get anxious and stressed about life and I have an anxiety condition and depression too and the garden helps me to focus on something positive.

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OpenPalm89, hang in there! I see you mentioned "recent" deconverter. Give yourself time. My advice on living a beautiful life surrounded by Christians is to be your own best friend, your own advocate. As they say, you are the one person you never get away from.

Buy books on everything and anything that stands out. After leaving the fold, I love stronger and laugh harder. It's real. It's authentic. People will gravitate toward someone who loves herself kindly.

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