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Goodbye Jesus

Blame The Demons


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So, even while I was a Christian, I never believed in demons. I really didn't even believe in Satan so much as a being, but rather a symbolic representation of the evil inside everyone. Any time someone blamed demons when someone did something really bad, to me, it was just like they were just trying to deny that there are people who do unusually horrible things with the full knowledge of what they are doing.


So my house is a little "demon crazy" lately. My dad is going batshit insane. Last weekend, my parents went to Chincoteague Island to spend time together. Well, as no surprise, they argued. My mother said something that my dad didn't like or that he thought wasn't characteristic of her and immediately said she MUST'VE been possessed because HIS wife would NEVER say anything like that!


Later that night, my parents were sleeping. Through her eyelids, my mom saw something darken her vision for a moment, as though someone passed by and blocked out the light. Then, she kept hearing someone say "Shh!" in her ear. She asked dad about it and he swore he didn't say anything. Then, my dad started hearing voices. Then, my mom rolled over and touched her hand to my dad's back and dad yelped, saying that it felt like something stabbed him on the OTHER side of his back. The next morning, there was a huge scratch on his back. Mom's answer: Dad must've been mistaken and gotten cut on the diamond on her wedding ring. Dad's response: It was the same demon that's been "influencing" my mother to say things my dad doesn't like.


So today, I told my dad that I was going to a meditation class. What's the first thing he says "Okay, but be careful about what you let in." My response was essentially, "Dad, it's just meditation. You know, stress reduction? Clarity of the mind?" He goes, "Yeah, but it depends on what you focus on..."


So again, dad is all DEMONS.'


I don't care how much he thinks he knows his wife, you NEVER fully know someone. All he ever does is criticize her and try to change her. He's done this for all 30-some years they've been married. Now when mom tells him "You're trying to change me into something I'm not." He goes, "Well that was a completely different guy." NO. It's NOT. He's doing the exact same controlling shit he's always done, just now he tries to justify it with God and the Bible. I usually don't advocate divorce, but if it would make my mom happy to divorce my dad (once it's economically possible) I would tell her to get away from that controlling asshole.


I am so SICK of watching my dad hurt my mom over and over again, then claim that he did nothing wrong. If anyone's being controlled by a demon, it's him.

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Lol, your crazy dad believes in demons.

-Legit though, that sucks alot. I never understood why people blamed every little uncharecteristic reaction or word as "DEMON POSSESSION". I've seen many people be like that, like in The Bad Seed, the little girl murders people but blames it on them saying "but if he had done ____ I wouldn't've had to kill'em."

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It sounds like perhaps your father has a mental illness. Hearing voices and seeing demons everywhere can be signs of psychosis. Just FYI. My thought is to be watchful he does not get worse! Protect yourself and your mother if you have to!


Here is a clip from Wikipedia about Psychosis symptoms:





Psychosis may involve delusional beliefs, some of which are paranoid in nature. Karl Jaspers has classified psychotic delusions into primary andsecondary types. Primary delusions are defined as arising suddenly and not being comprehensible in terms of normal mental processes, whereas secondary delusions may be understood as being influenced by the person's background or current situation (e.g., ethnicity, religious beliefs, superstitious belief).[9]

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I used to imagine demons all over the place, behind everything that happened. It kind of makes you paranoid, because you can't actually tell what is caused by "god," what is caused by "demons," and what just happens. Of course, in reality everything only just happens, no god or demons involved. But the books I used to read led me to believe demons were a real danger to me. In my experience there's really no good way to argue against demons, because *of course* the demons would want you to disbelieve in them! The very fact that you can rationalize them away proves that they must exist! 49.gif I'm sorry you're having to go through this with your parents; it sounds like your mom really does need to get away from your father's influence.

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My ex wife was very much like this. Anything I said or did that she did not like was evidence to her that "Satan had taken hold of my heart," or that "I had turned from God."


Christianity needs to come with a mental health warning..

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