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Goodbye Jesus

If Genesis Had Said This.....

Overcame Faith

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If Genesis had said this, it would have been the entirety of the Bible and I think we all would have been much better off:


In the beginning God was. He decided he no longer wanted to be alone so he developed a plan that he hoped would lead to an entire universe and that which was in the universe would be fruitful and multiply. He began by fashioning what he called matter. He made this matter infinitely small and infinitely dense and in so doing he was reasonably sure a great explosion would ensue. Having done all the necessary calculations, he also thought there was a high likelihood that the great explosion would eventually cause what he would call stars, galaxies, and planets to form. He knew from a statistical analysis that at least some planets would be at the exact right distance from their stars and have other necessary conditions for simple life to appear. He was almost certain that these simple life forms would eventually evolve into more complex plants and animals, including some he hoped would have great intelligence. God thought how wonderful it would be to see this take place before his very eyes but not to interfere at all because he wanted to determine if his calculations and statistical analyses were correct. And when God saw the explosion, he said it was good and watched with great anticipation. And the evening and morning was the first of many days.

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I like that, Eugene. A committee of gods did it. :) That makes so much more sense than the "personal god" religions, as you so correctly call them.


Thanks for the link.

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