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Goodbye Jesus

Events Of The Last Week


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I told my mom I had a few "doubts"....


some books start appearing in my room...

Josh McDowell and something from Richard Bewes via Graham Ministries.


Josh is like,"The bible is true. Therefore, the Bible is true. Isn't God good?"


Richard thinks the earth is the center of the universe. That it all happens around us. Yes folks, you heard me right.


Speaking of geocentricism, I read the article on Wikipedia about Galileo vs the Church. Whoooooeeee, does that sound like Creationism vs Evolution today.


btw...that story about the little kid and the tape and the newspaper and the picture of Jesus was in the last church bulletin. Week before last, the pastor said something about intellectualism is bad and this week he said to not date unbelievers because they are all "up to no good.”

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