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Goodbye Jesus

In The Mist Of My Morning.

Guest Valk0010

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Guest Valk0010

In the mist of my morning

I am here with you

Your like a bully who never leaves

You wake me up with a punch

You remind me life is grand.




a gremlin demon

Taking my soul away

Down I go to your grave

My humanity stripped

My body limp and bloody

You take me as yours


And you


Break my will

Your pleased

Life is meaningless because of you

I hate you, hate you hate you for all you do.

Your like a tumor in me that never leaves

You are me forever, particularly ill

In the mist of my morning.

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That was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Valk.

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Deep feeling words Valk. I can relate. If I may comment on this, I would like to say that I just recently grabbed my 'gremlin demon', fought him to the ground, put duck tape all around his mouth and locked 'him' up in up in the attic of my mind. He is NOT allowed to steal from me any longer........

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