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Goodbye Jesus

Prayer Caps


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I have seen Mennonites, Amish etc. wearing these things my entire life and I never thought about why they wore them. Now I see a post from a FB friend who is becoming increasingly fundamentalist:



slowly coming out of the "plain" closet! My new profile pic is from when I went to [location] with my sister. I've worn prayer caps most of the time for the past several months.


She posted several pictures of herself looking like she just teleported back to the 1700's. How fucking repressive is this?


I googled prayer cap and found an article written by an adherent. Through the arithmetic of Corinthians (women should wear head covering when they pray) and Luke (pray continually) these mental midgets have determined they should constantly be wearing head coverings.


Did the guys forging the Bible have any fucking clue about the idiotic behaviors they would be causing 2000 years down the line? God it makes me fume. And these girls view this as some sort of righteous piety.

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God needs assistance with symbolism i guess.

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