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Goodbye Jesus

An Atheist Hijacked Glenn Beck's Blog And The Teavangelicals Are Frothing!


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OMG, I can't believe they posted this on The Blaze, Beck's fucktarded website. But somehow a FREE THINKER snuck in and is causing those Teabaggers some consternation. The comment section alone is worth the click. You have never SEEN Christards so flummoxed!!! It is SPECTACULAR!




Gotta give it to Beck for allowing this guy to repost an avowed atheist's work.


They may be close minded idiots, but someone finally pierced the echo chamber....and like I said, the comments are FABULOUS!

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"As far as your “science vs. religion” argument…You are a lot more ignorant than you know! If anything, the last 3 decades have been victorious for creationists. Science is now on our side, you are just too blind to understand that."




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Posted on July 12, 2012 at 3:39pm

Christians should not associate with demons. And he is trying to influence christianity so you know what that makes him.


I can only read so much fucktardedness before I go insane.


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The stupid! It BURNS!!!



This guy sounds like a host on MSNBC rather than a preacher. Thomas Jefferson, hello? Actually read what Thomas Jefferson wrote instead of read what liberal commentators think he wrote. The Founding Fathers did not have Muslim names for a reason."


This is just about the perfect comment from 'the blaze'


Liberal media? Check!

Revisionist history? Check!

Islamaphobia/racism? Check!


All this needed was to claim Obama is a terrorist/atheist/muslim and it would have been perfect.


And to all those commenters saying the emergent church isn't real Christianity- the me from 8 months ago offers you a hearty "fuck you!"


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