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Noah As Adam Ii

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Guest Babylonian Dream

I'm sure that some of you familiar with Noah's name and what it means, wondered what it was in reference to. Right?


Well, I've given this some thought. I found it peculiar that Noah, or Nuh, means "rest". Also, the Genesis tale states that this name was given to him because, as Genesis 5:28 States:

"And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed. "


I always thought this text interesting, especially since it seems to recall the Sumero-Babylonian story of the creation of mankind to relieve the Igigi of their work. Also interesting, is the idea that the Nephilim/Giants lived at around this time, according to the Bible, in which they are reported to have revolted against God (yada yada yada).


Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Back to Noah and Adam. I never really understood why this parallel would exist here instead of with Adam, until I thought about it. Also a fun fact, mankind, was seen as being created to serve God. So perhaps, Noah being righteous wasn't the original reason he was spared. As we know that Ham wasn't seen so positively, and he was also spared. What if the text originally alludes to Noah being a "new Adam", as someone to survive so that God could still be served? Being the new Adam, the new father of mankind?

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Ive already read all I need to, to know that almost the entire book of Genesis is a plagiarism of other stories from surrounding cultures. And if Adam and eve isn't real (which we know due to evolution ANYWAY) the whole xianity thing becomes irrelevant. It's like Jenga. Pull out one of the bottom blocks and the whole thing falls over.

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Guest wester

The Noah story is a rehash of Gilgamesh. In the Gilgamesh story it is a clique of gods who conspire to whip up the storm and then they recoil in horror over what they had done.


Not so the big puffed up Hebrew Übermensch who unrepentantly lays waste to everything in a display of power to compensate for the low self esteem of the jewish punks who kept getting their asses kicked and thrown into slavery all over the middle east.

Ya - our boy is a real righteous son-noma-bitch whose gonna kicks y'all ass.


Noah's is a much nastier tale.


After all it is not really religion per se that we are talking about but literary interpretation.

It is character worship - just as much as the amazing cosplay anime dress up conventions I used to see in Korea where people would spend hours dolling themselves up as their favorite comic book character....Who's your favorite super hero?

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Sergeant Rock, Scooby Doo, Little Lulu, or God-a'mighty-Yaweh-destroyer of all things.....

There are even cosplay conventions in America that meet every sunday - called church.

Some folks are even so obsessed, they go get their cosplay fix every mornin'


Yowza - me prefers Boccaccio or Chaucer or Hunter S. Thompson....



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