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Goodbye Jesus

Creationist Sophistry

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I know some people here are boycotting freethoughtblogs cause they think PZ meyers is a tryant, but I thought this article he had here was a gem, of note is the following.


But I do have to say one thing to his essay’s credit: I agreed with the conclusion.

If God designed death into creation, then death is as “good” as all other factors—and the atheistic evolutionary doctrine is right. Death is the “good” force that brings about the ultimate “fittest” in our universe. Death, therefore, is not “the wages of sin,” and our Lord Jesus’ death was not necessary for salvation—it was just the wasted effort of a deluded martyr.

These teachings cannot be harmonized. Either the Bible is Truth (capitalization intended) or it is Error. The choice is clear. The message is clear. The effect is eternal!

The answer is clear. Jesus was a deluded martyr. It is Error.

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This kind of reminds me of the top-level cosmology of the World of Darkness roleplaying-game scenery...


Still with me despite me sounding geekish? Okay: :)


In that imaginary world you have three ruling spirits (Called "celestials", and no, they don't call them holy trinity or such ;) ), known as the Weaver, the Wyld and the Wyrm. The Wyld is creative chaos incarnate, always creating new strange things... the Weaver binds everything it can touch into some kind of orderly pattern... and the Wyrm is the agent of death and destruction, tasked with ripping apart enough of the Weaver's pattern web so that the universe stays in flux. In other words, both order, chaos, and balancing destruction are absolutely necessary for the well-being of the world.


Wholly imaginary of course... but fuck it, it makes more sense than morontheist babblings :lmao:

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