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Quitting A Discussion Board


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For the past several months I have been active on a discussion board that is supposed to be 'progressive'. I have enjoyed the discussions mostly political with other like minded, dare I say, Liberals. As is usual there are a few trolls from the other side and aso some reasonable folks who disagree.


I started noticing that they seemed to be dominated by one poster who espouses not only right wing but racist crap. If you look at the thread titles about a third were started by him and are about black on white crime, etc. I soon figured out that the Mod for this form seems to have a weakness for this guy, you cannot condemnn him, you are supposed to 'engage' him. Well the other day I had enough and suggested that no one respond to his posts and that he belonged on Stormfront. The Mod came back and lectured me about tolerance and told me to 'give it a rest.' I posted back that I won't be posting awhile and he then said that if i did that I was 'letting him win.' Too bad, I'm now looking for a forum that doesn't put up with racism.


I also belong to RevLeft but have only posted a few times, they are very into Marxist thinking and that's a bit too far for me to go. Anyone know of good progressive discussion boards?

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This is the only forum I've ever known, so I'm not much use to you there, sorry.

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