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Goodbye Jesus

Two Years Out.


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It has been a while since the last time I have posted here. I am a shy person, even online, so I tend just to read what others have posted. August 1st marked two years since leaving Christianity. I still do not see any reason to go back.


Since my last post, I have told my parents. They handled it well. Occasionally my mother will lament how she failed me since I "abandoned" my faith, but other than that, we do not talk much about religion.


Last Wednesday, I was in a car accident. Fortunately no one seriously hurt, but my poor little car is significantly damaged, and I am still a shaken up by the full experience. This prompted a message from my fundamentalism aunt (who has a kind heart and means well). First part of the message was how she is glad I am ok. The second was how she is sad I have "given up" my faith, and no matter how far I "run" from god, "He will always be there." I responded thanking her for her concern, but I took issue with the full giving up my faith. I told her my faith died and that death was a very painful process. I told her that the use of the word given up belittles that pain. I also told her I have found piece outside of faith and that the world is making a whole much more sense. There was more, but that is the gist. I am only concerned she will tell my soon to be 90 year old grandmother. I do not think it would be healthy for her to know and would rather let her just believe what she wants about my "faith."


Overall, life is good, reality is better than faith.

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