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Goodbye Jesus

New Religious Designation To Write In: A Confusionist


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I'm reading a library book called "Man Seeks God" by Eric Weiner and loved this passage. He puts it so well it made me laugh:


"Since no off-the-shelf spiritual category seems to fit me, I find I must invent one: Confusionist. As the name implies, we Confusionists are confused - deeply and profoundly - when it comes to questions of God and religion. Wait a second, you're probably thinking isn't "Confusionist" just another word for "agnostic"? No, we lack the smug uncertainty of the agnostic; we are in a way, pre-agnostic, or maybe meta-agnostic. We're not even clear exactly what it is we're not clear about. We Confusionists throw upour arms skyward and shout: 'We have absolutely no idea what our religious views are. We're not even sure we have any but we're open to the unexpected, and believe - no, hope - there is more to life than meets the eye.' Beyond that we are simply and utterly confused."


Love it!

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Lol nice. I recently sat down and tried to think about what is truly meant by the question "Do you believe in God?" and realized I hadn't even the slightest fucking clue.

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