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...so I'm just checking the tv schedule of one of our German stations that features many scifi reruns, looking for which SG1-ep is up today. And I find...


...Allerdings setzt Hathors Armee ein Energieschild vor das Stargate, so dass Makepeace und seine Leute nicht mehr zurück können.


(Emphasis mine)


Now for all those of you who aren't very skilled in my native language: The word "Schild" appears in two genders in German. In neutral gender ("das Schild") it's a sign with whatever message on it. In masculine gender ("der Schild") it's a shield against some unwelcome influence or attack. Translated the above passage would read


...but Hathor's army places an energy shield in front of [should better say "around" of course] the stargate so that Makepeace and his men can't return home.


I don't mind children not understanding that difference but some fucking professionals writing up these trailer infos... vent.gif


There are confusing terms where I kind of understand why most people get them wrong. For example, in techincal terms, someone who gets picked up after some accident or such while still alive is rescued ("gerettet") while corpses are being recovered/salvaged (whatever the proper English term is, my online translator offers both as translation for the German "geborgen"). Not many people who don't work as firefighters or paramedics know that difference so while it pisses me off every time when the news report after some accident or such that so-and-so many people got "recovered alive" ("lebend geborgen"), I know that I have an unfair advantage since the time I did volunteer service as a medic. But some other things... Wendycrazy.gif


And just to fully piss me off before noon, I found a critical article about a popular "science" magazine on German TV (more like cheap infotainmant really) on the web, dealing with the total crap they claim again and again in the show. If they really want to educate their audience at least a little bit, more power to them, but to claim (for example) that compass needles align north-south due to large iron masses at the North pole...




Oh, did I mention that the channel airing that show is bragging with it, claiming to offer more knowledge to the public than all its rivals?


I guess I should get me a cool beer from the fridge. Maybe I can stand it a bit better that way.

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