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War Against The Night


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‘War Against The Night’


Damn the beast against the light

Damn the blindness he bestows upon the people of this world

Damn the beast, and his night

Cry disgust when you find true light-blind victims of the night


(Then wage war against the darkness!)


Pardon not the preacher, politician, lawyer, teacher

lest he turn from mischief-deciet

But lend pity unto the flock, the trusting, the blind, the meek

Awaken them from their sleep


(And free them from the illusion!)


Confusion, delusion, the doctrines seduce them whole

The stories are as yeast is to bread and steal their soul-decieved

We walk not in the peace of them, but among them-they the wolves

dressed in white they spread their night




Our people are killed for lack of knowledge

The denial of what is real

As they give praise to the lies

The wolf steals, then kills, and bills


So stand now on reality, and hold honesty up high

Build your house upon this rock, and sound your battle cry

The lion roars, and a giant you now must fight

pick up the stone of honesty, and let her devour the night


Reality shall be your light!

Honesty shall be your fight!

Wage war against the night!

War against the night

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