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Goodbye Jesus

Holy Crap, Batman! *kaboom!*


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Article 18.


Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


(adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948)





Just an update:


1. I was stupid to think that I ever had any choice about fighting back against what I've been getting hit with here, where I currently live. I had hoped that if I simply stayed low-key, things might finally settle down. Nuh uh. No way. No how. <shakes her head> Pfffffft! <blows a very loud raspberry>


There's simply too much going on for me to even remotely have enough time to explain even a small part of it. Suffice it to say that I've been getting my ass kicked on several levels, so doing nothing is no longer an option. It all basically points back to all of the crap that started fifteen years ago, with my former religious advisor in the catholic church going all crazy, and stalking me for the next ten years. In one way, or another, everything that's going on right now is at least indirectly connected to that, if not triggered by it. If for no other reason than the fact that I've always known that if/when I legally protected myself from the garbage going on here, then the stuff with him would end up becoming a part of public legal record, for several reasons. Ugh. It's complicated as hell. Oh well.


2. I'm currently packing, and trying to get ready to move. The only reason that I haven't moved yet, is because the local housing authority is currently pushing a section 8 housing voucher through processing as quickly as they can, for "health and safety reasons." (I do live on only SSI disability--partially because I'm disabled, but mostly because I have cancer--so I need the subsidy anywhere I live.)


They're doing the fast processing, because I finally had to accept the fact that at least part of the problems that I'm now currently facing, are either because the man that was stalking me never did actually stop, or the retaliations that I've had to face (because of my previously trying to legally protect myself from him years ago, and refusing to remain totally silent) never did actually stop either. Or, both. Either way, at least I now feel a little bit more sane now, after accepting that as a given. The situation itself truly is crazy--but at least I'm not.


Um. Plus, they just want me the hell out of their lovely city, so they're rushing the processing, so that helps a lot. It's always nice to be appreciated. LOL


Anyway, there is at least now a chance that I'll be able to mail at least a few of my things to wherever I'm going to end up, so that at least means that I'll have more than just the one bag of luggage. So, at least that much is good news.


I still have absolutely no idea of even what state I'll be moving to, much less, what city. The only thing that I do know is that I am bound and dtermined to get the hell OUT of the state that I've been stuck in for the past two years. If at all possible I want to get in an ultra-liberal state, and end up living in the middle of about a gazillion bleeding-heart liberal heathens, so that I can finally have some protection from the religious right lunatics that are currently making my life a living hell here. If I can't manage to pull off the gazillion bleeding-heart liberal heathens, I'd be perfectly happy with just two or three bad-assed ex-hippies, with a lot of attitude though. smile.png


The voucher is supposed to be done next week, then I have to find someplace to live, etc., but it shouldn't take that long. Then--hopefully--I'll get settled in, and finally, finally, finally, have a chance to relax, for the first time, in fifteen years!?

That would be heavenly! smile.png


3. After fifteen years of having to deal with this stupidity, it also feels damned good to finally be FIGHTING, and being able to show the strength of my personality--even if I still haven't been able to do much legally--yet. I've got to be as careful as possible in what kinds of actions that I take, and it strikes me more and more every day that it would be more prudent (and much more safe) for me not to even file the formal federal complaints that I've been working on, until I'm the hell out of this lunatic state.


Of course. . .that then leaves me back with having to be concerned with just how much longer I actually have left to live because of the cancer--which is a royal pain in the ass, if nothing else! I just keep hearing the damned "Final Jeopardy"" theme song from the TV game show Jeopardy. I have to keep fighting the urge to wander around town, babbling, "I'll take 'My Life Is Totally Fucked Up' for one thousand, Alex!" LOL

Oh well. <shrugs> At least I can fight again, for the first time, in so many years. smile.png



If you do respond to this topic, please don't be offended if I don't have time to respond back to you. I've literally been going non-stop all day, every day, for about a solid month now, trying to do all of this paperwork, etc., as I try to get ready to move. . . to wherever.


I'll just keep fighting to do what I need to do to simply survive, for now--but hell, I cannot WAIT until things settle back down at least a little bit, and I can go back to catching up on reading all of your posts! smile.png


This all totally sucks, but at least it also means that the other shoe is finally dropping--and that now I can finally at least FIGHT.


Hopefully, I'll be able to explain it all to you one day, and maybe it will make more sense? It'll have to be sufficient for me to simply say today, "Don't ever piss off the catholic church! Because if you do, it's an awful lot like dealing with the frigging mafia!" LOL


Oh well. So be it. <shrugs> It simply is, what it is. <stomps her foot, and shakes her fist in the air> <howls at the moon> But, I simply refuse to believe that I no longer have any civil rights!


We shall see what happens. It shall be as it shall be, and I will cope. Because, shit happens. . . so you wipe, and then you flush--and then, you move forward. smile.png









Recently voted: "That Troublemaking Apostate That's Obviously Going Straight to Hell!!!" by several residents of the city where I currently live. (Gosh: I guess that means that there's no point in my running for mayor?)

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Oh boy :blink:


I'm afraid that will be too far from where I am but... if you should be unable to find a better option you're welcome to set up camp over here in my place. I'm afraid though I'd have to rob a bank to help you pay the ticket :Hmm:

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Oh boy blink.png


I'm afraid that will be too far from where I am but... if you should be unable to find a better option you're welcome to set up camp over here in my place. I'm afraid though I'd have to rob a bank to help you pay the ticket KatieHmm.gif



I just came online to do a couple of things. Thanks for the thought. :)


I am a quarter German though. . . so maybe I could sell a kidney "as is" with no warranty, and come visit, and have a chance at fitting in. The only other problem being of course, that I don't speak German. . . although, I can cuss in Japanese. :)


Now. . . back to work. . . <grabs a roll of tape and a cardboard box> Ugh. Scheiße! (Okay, I know THAT much German, but I don't think it counts.) :)

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Boston has the highest level of secularism in the United States i believe, try there.

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