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Goodbye Jesus

A Poem


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I wrote this to mock inspiration, and then the thing in italics I realized didn't fit into the satire I was going for. But... a friend said it was Tyler Durden-esque...so that's okay with me!





It's inspiring when you rise out of your class

We look on mystified and wonder how

We are inspired

By the prostitutes who become mothers

And the filthy street children who go to college

By the politicians who make it possible

For the weak to become the strong

We are inspired

By the myth

We have struggled for millenia

To become equals in the eyes of God

(After all the struggle, and the anger

I've been inspired by the genocide, the murder and the rape

The torture and the darkness

The spiritually decrepit)

What is inspiring?

It is another buzz word for something unattainable.

Another buzz word to keep you in your class.

Another buzz word to keep you looking out.

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Interesting spin; cynical.

You reminded me of a line in a Derek Webb song (yes, he's a xian, but he's jaded and sarcastic enough to still be cool)


"i'll do whatever it takes to squeeze us into this wedding gown

i'll say the words that rattle your nerves

words like sin and faith alone"

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