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Point Of Inquiry Podcast - Rick Hayes-Roth - Truthmarket


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Host: Chris Mooney

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to make American politics just a little more rational, just a little more evidence based?

Wouldn't it be even nicer if there was a website, or an app, that helped that process along?

Maybe, just maybe, a promising innovation called TruthMarket can help with the problem. It's a site where people who care about the truth crowd-fund campaigns dedicated to either proving the veracity of true claims, or the falsity of wrong ones... where, in essence, you make money by showing definitively that you're right.

The goal, of course, is to use market forces to vanquish truthiness... and, well, here's hoping that it works.

To talk about this new site, we've invited on its founder, Rick Hayes-Roth.

Rick Hayes-Roth is the chairman and CEO of Truth Seal Corporation, and a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School. In the past he has served as Chief Technology Officer for Software at Hewlett Packard, and program director for research in information processing at the Rand Corporation. He is currently the founder and chief executive of TruthMarket.

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