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A Deconstruction of Christianity


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Ooh.... cute. Very cute.


It does re-frame it nicely.



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"Organized religion is like organized crime; it preys on peoples' weaknesses, generates huge profits for its operators, and is almost impossible to eradicate."

..........Author Unknown

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I'm always a little suspicious when I see postmodernist words like "deconstruction." When I see the word "deconstruction," I think of this:



I'm not sure if that definition of deconstruction is accurate, or if the link in the OP is a deconstruction according to that definition, but the link in the OP is undeserving of the perjorative description "deconstruction" (which has become another way of saying "drivel" to me) though I am sure there was no perjorative intent.


IOW, if you were (almost) scared off by the use of the word "deconstruction" due to the bad taste it made you recall, don't be.


I'm in a "posty" mood tonight, so I'm going to hit "submit," but don't take this too seriously.

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