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Green Flames


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When I was a demoni-phobic christian believer occasionally our 'fellowship group' would have a study warning about the occult, etc.

Of course the spooky stories would come out where we'd all go, "Wow, Satan is real...".

Now I know better, but I still remember some of the weird stories.

One of them was that burning pages from the Satanic Bible would burn with green flames...!

Has anybody actually tried this?

or is it just a christian urban legend?

I imagine it may be caused by gold gilt pages or something? Not that I know if any satanic bibles have that.


Also people who had encounters with 'demons' or satanic ceremonies said there would often be a 'purple mist' moving through rooms of the house, etc.

I've never seen it myself, but I also read of it in a book about Satanism in the Rock industry.

It scared me at the time because Deep Purple were/are my favourite band and the cover of their 'Burn' album, my favourite at the time, had purple mist around their heads, which gave me phobias about listening to them for years.

Not that it stopped me, I was just scared later, when the lights were out...



Anybody heard anything similar? or have any explanations?

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