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Desired expectations, insane revelations

losing heavens reward-eyes wide open


(Still I’m blind)


Forever in mind, twisting-turning

evolving-yearning-break me down


(Then build me up again)


You mend, a loss of hope-your reasons appall

to me you call-you bring me up


(Just for the fall)


Standing tall-loss of faith, religion once more

corrupts my core-take my breath


(Then drown me in fire)


I’ll wallow in this mire-from up to down

a smile to frown-twisting in this swirl


(I exist to give)


I take to live-nothing can be lost

forever tossed-a coin, heads up-heads down


(forever bound)


Never found-never saved, my mind at rage

I’m in this cage, but no breaking free


(From the bent reality-that is me)

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