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God Of Justice


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This was my one of my earliest essays I wrote. I had sent it to my christian friend but he never replied back.

Just thought to share with you guys


God Of Justice

One of the arguements I hear from christians is that the god of the bible is also a god of justice. According to christians the bible is also a book of law. And specifically the OT was a book of law, which was given by god


Lets see from a legality and practical point of view, how much justice and wisdom is there in the word of god. Hopefully I am allowed to judge certain things in the bible right. If I can't, then how will know that it is right or wrong.


I am not claiming to be a lawyer, but here is my understanding of law.


When we make make law there are 3 things we consider


1)The purpose of the law is punish the sinner and protect the innocent from harm from these sinners

2)It already has exceptions to the rule eg we all agree that murder is wrong, but murder for self defence is not wrong. Murdering in case of policing is not wrong, murder in case of war is not wrong(although innocent life will be killed)

3)No one should be able to misuse the law(which a lot christians forget about this purpose)



Here are the christian rules of god


1)God care about all of us (or his chosen people)

2)He knows everything about us. Including the way we will behave.

3)If you are following the word of the god you are not sinning


So when god makes/says the law

1)The purpose of the law is to reduce sin

2)He know that humans are prone to misunderstanding.

3)he knows that humans misuse the law.


So hence he shall be as clear as possible(Which is his motive) and free of loopholes. And off course he will because he is a perfect god.


Lets take one of the rules from the OT and see the wisdom of the christian god.


1)Deuteronomy 22:28-29

"in case of rape of unmarried girl, you must pay her father money and marry her"


Right. So it doesn't matter that girl wants to get married or not, or don't care of the psychological harm of rape. So if I was living in the OT time, and if wanted to marry a girl. All I had to do was rape her. I can't start to imagine the wisdom in this law. And paying her father 50 shekels would compensate the woman's father for the loss in value of one of his possessions: his daughter


but god is wise, we must trust his wisdom. Right, In what context will this ever be right?



2)Deuteronomy 22:20

"If before a marriage a girl is not found to be virgin, then she would be put stoned to death"


Christians say God made this rule? Remember "divinly inspired" hence it is from god, hence it is correct for it is from his wisdom that he speaks.


Does god not know that sex is not the only way that a girl can lose a virginity? Can you imagine how many innocent girl were killed because of this law which comes from a "perfect all knowing entity"?Hey you made us, didn't you think possibilty of innocent deaths when you made this law"?


Can you say that if the people were killing a girl because she lost her virginity due to some natural reason, were they wrong?


No, "god" them so do so.


But does the action make it right?


How does it matter even if the girl had sex with a ex boyfriend(out of love) before marriage.


Is death a punishment for having sex before marriage? God is telling his chosen people to kill girls because they had sex before marriage?


But there is also a possibility that they did not kill all non virgin? But then people are not following gods law hence you are sinning.


3)Exodus 35:2

"If you work on Sabbath. You shall be put to death"


It means god made the law. Did god consider every possibilty think of every possibility of innocence?Lets see if god thought of the following


1)A man has to work on the sabbath because he could not finish the work the previous day cause he was sick.


2)A slave/servant is forced to work on a sabbath cause he is told to do so by his master("A slave/servant must be obedient to his master" another law 1 Peter 2:18 in bible from the OT)


If a person who believes in the OT comes across any of these two people, he will kill them there and then?So did he do the right thing?According to god - yes.


Did that action make it right?




Deuteronomy 22:22

"Kill the adultress and the lover through stoning"


Here is another case where god speaks his words of wisdom and makes another new law. Here is another possibility


a)I want kill my neighbour and my wife, but I can't do that. All I have to show to the judge that these two are together(for all you know they are just having conversation and the judge takes that as evidence). "Hey judge, that man is having a affair with my wife. Kill them both. Thats the law of the god"


b)The husband is cruel to his wife and doesn't give love to her. She meets a man who is affectionate to her and they fall in love(off divorce for a woman was next to impossible in that time), and they end up having sex because of their love. So god says "hey this is wrong, kill them".


But there is also a possibility that they did not kill every adultress and her lover? But again that is sin because they are not following gods law. The law is pretty clear what to do incase the they found the crime being commited.


In todays world we do not kill people for obscure reasons like sex or working on a Sabbath.


Can a loving god wants innocent people to be killed because of the law he makes, cause he thought of everything right? Now one will say it is the humans to do it. Then my question is why does he make a law which he knows that humans will misuse? Is god so sure of the wisdom of all these men to whom he has given the law?Are these men infallible?Did he think about every possibility?I just found out a loophole by being in todays world, what makes you so sure someone else did not do so at that time?


But off course christians say that this why Jesus was sent remove these these harsh laws? So he came to change harsh laws which were declared eternal and perfect.


Well did you ever think everytime god has spoken in the OT he also increases the possibilities of sin? Were the laws of the god in the OT wise?So lets get this straight, God does not want us to commit sin, but he will give loopholes in his law to make people commit more sin ie more specifically sin of injustice. And if one doesn't follow gods word we are sinning. God says kill so you have to. Thats the way God works.


A lot christians also say to read the new testament, but how can you ignore the old testament if they are the root of the problems of sin?If you follow the old testament, off course you are more prone to commiting sin?But wait a minute who gave me all these rules?God. MMMMM so god creates the problem and he solves the problem?


And why do all the conservative go the OT laws as a basis of their arguements?Are they forgetting these old laws? Are they suffering from a case of selective amnesia

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Excellent post pritishd. Not surprising you didn't get a response!


Justice is the quality of being fair, and a person who is just acts fairly and in accordance with what is right. God's idea of "justice" doesn't appear to embrace this does it?

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Excellent post pritishd. Not surprising you didn't get a response!



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Here's a good piece of justice, in contrast to contemporary Ancient Near Eastern practice:

The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.


But wait - what's this:

Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

When did the unchanging God of Justice change his mind?


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Of Course These are some of the many things our Christian friends ignore. Silly christians logic is for people who aren't you HAHAHAHA!


"The Gods gathered around the table to hear another Gods funny Joke "Hey How Many mortals does it take to screw in a lightbulb.........one, But they have to use thier hands!" (Roaring Laughter)"

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