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Episode 90 – Looking At Our Dna With 23Andme


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Emily Drabant

To prepare for this week’s episode, Dale and I had to do some homework: spit into a tube.  Carrying our DNA, this tube was mailed to 23andMe for analysis.  Now that we have our results, we were able to talk with Emily Drabant - a research community manager (with a PhD in neuroscience) at 23andMe.  Emily talks to us about 23andMe, how to read our results, and tells us who has more Neanderthal DNA.


Dale and Brian Collect DNA during a Badger Game:


Brian’s DNA Family Portrait (from DNA11):

DNA Family Portrait from @DNA11 on Twitpic

Featured Image: 8 Mounted Gene Chips, courtesy 23andMe

To listen to this episode, download the mp3 directly, find us on iTunes, or use the player below.

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