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Angry, Drunk, Lost Ex-Fundie Poem


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There is nothing all around

-But there is everything-

People, Sirens, Lights...


But there is nothing


We are alone

But we are surrounded

We are full of love

But noone seems to care

Whats wrong

Whats right

Who knows

Who cares

I hurt noone

But noone cares

I hurt myself

And noone cares

No self love

No self hate

Just nothing

There is nothing

Thank you jesus. 

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I like the parallel of the greyness and desolate sense of loss and loneliness against the full colour of a life of freedom and love available to us - in discovering that this is reality


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Thanks. I wrote it when I was a little tipsy and feeling angry about what religion can do to our lives.  It's nice to know there are so many of you out there who can relate.  pops- I completely understand your answer to "Still have any Gods?" I feel the same way. It seems impossible that there is nothing outside of our physical reality. 

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