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Funniest Trolls


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I've noticed we get a lot of trolls here. Maybe it would be interesting to share links to the funniest troll posts?


Here is my favorite so far:

I think I may have a problem. The only way I can see to explain this is in an example:


Ok, so me and my family were once in the car just chatting, and my sister said that, to her annoyance, you can't say Indian style anymore, but criss-cross applesauce (Even if it does turn out it's racist...why that name? I mean...really tongue.png Why do kids have to sit in a certain 'style' at all? Why can't they just sit? tongue.png) because everyone wants to be politically correct. My mind went into a frenzy at that moment. At the start I thought, "It doesn't seem racist." Then, it went something like this, "But, what it really IS racist and I'm a horrble person for thinking otherwise? I don't want to be racist! What if I am? Can you be unintentally racist? I don't think you can. But, what if you can and I offend everyone. But....I'm not gonna teach kids, so it doesn't really matter...but, maybe all this stuff should matter to me because I should care if I'm racist or not. But...I don't think my parents and sister are racist...they're nice to everyone, I mean I suppose that's enough. Are is it? Shouldn't I want to help everyone and help society to be a better place and I can't do that if I'm racist. Besides, If I'm unintentally racist, they could be to. But, if things like saying Indian style aren't racist, it's causing problems because it's making people not see bigger issues. Why am I like this? Why don't I know these simple things? Why is the world so sure of itself but I'm not? I could be making a very huge mistake and not even know it..." and on, and on, back and forth to the problem being not a big deal, to it being bad in whatever way. It wouldn't be so bad if these thoughts didn't come back at night and I can't sleep. I just overanalyze myself where nothing I say is right or true and I feel like I never 'own' my thoughts, I suppose you could say. It could be because I have no one to talk to on these issues. My parents aren't really interested into debating things they think are politcally correct or not. But, I do wonder if it's just some OCD problems I need to deal with, because I am slightly OCD and take medicine for it. It not only happens with big issues like this, but also with smaller ones, such as shopping. My mom told me I should be more perceptive when I buy clothes because I honestly don't pay attention when I buy clothes and kinda just go with what my mom tells me is good...I just don't like shopping for clothes. After my mom told me this, whil we were shopping, mind went into a little mini debate basically going back and forth from that clothes aren't really that important and I should be worried about more important things to I must be more perceptive or I may not notice big things and how can I ever get on the world and make things better if I don't even know what to buy at the local Target?


I'm just always really concerned my thoughts are wrong...maybe overally so. Oh, and I do have another question. What was with the Zimmerman trail? I know it's aweful, but I wasn't really following it....I don't usually pay attention to court cases...my parents think that Zimmerman was attackted because the kid was on top of him...It doesn't sound like it was about race, from what I've heard. But again, I don't know. tongue.png

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