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this scares me


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So one of my best friends emails me and tells me he and his date went out to dinner a week ago, afterwards are sitting in the car parked on a side street near the restaurant when some piece of shit comes up to them with a 45, sticks it in his face, says 'gimme that money, mfer or i'm gonna f'in kill you'. They both hand over their wallets. They're both quite shaken. He gets out of the car and tries to follow and track the guy, she calls the police. They come and don't find him and then lecture them on being parked where they were parked. It was not late, like 9 pm, and the street was lit, although not terribly well traveled apparently.


Anyway, this sort of shit pisses me off as much as it scares me. I have my permit to carry, but I basically never do, but this sort of thing makes me wonder whether I ought to. I always here about stuff like this happening but when it happens to someone you know, it's a wake up call, a slap in the face. I never was terribly inclined to be a 'turn-the-other-cheek' type. Without going into detail, I remember a couple years ago, a Christian friend of mine's teenage daughter had to deal with some shit on the internet. He complained to his service provider, but I don't know that anything ever came of it. If anything like the above happened to me or mine, somebody would be having to deal with me. I'd find them no matter who they are or where they lived and they'd be getting a knock on the door.


This is a friggin' scary world sometimes. I have zero tolerance for this kind of shit. I don't know. I went out tonight and drank too much so I needed to rant, I don't drink too often, but tonight was a special f'in occasion.

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This world...

It's a happy place at times but mostimes it SUXS.

It's a hard place to live in.

Dio, I hope you get through it in peace, your friends and family too.

I sincerely hope that.

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