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My world is safe tonight

For the Infinite beast is watching

And I can see Him--

Just barely--

Between the cold metal saplings

Which are the boundaries of my world.


My world...


The Infinite Beast placed me in this world

So that I could do His will

And He is good

For He provides me with nourishment

In the form of tablets

And He gives me the Bottle

From which I drink

And He has given me

The Great Wheel

Which controls the cycle of my life.


But sometimes the Infinite Beast scares me

For He removes some of the cold metal saplings

Down by the Stone of Heat

And He coaxes me to come out

But I am terrified

For my world is safe

And I know of nothing beyond it.

I cannot even move

For fear that I will come too close

To the edge of what I know

And I will fall into what I do not know.

Yet somehow even through my fear

I long to run through the gap in the saplings.

Somehow I sense that this isn’t really

My world after all

I only believe it is

Because the Infinite Beast keeps me here

And because I have been here so long

It is all I know

It is familiar

And safe.





Sometimes the Infinite Beast even reaches into my world

And He takes me up into His mighty paws

And I am utterly petrified

For He is infinite

And I am helpless

And weak

And alone.

But when I am in His mighty paws

Then I know for sure that things are not right as they are

For I see images before my eyes

Of open fields full of good grass to eat

And vast forests of trees

Older even than the Infinite Beast

And rushing water that runs

Between the trees and over stones

And something in me longs for such a world

But it does not exist

It must not exist

Or the Infinite Beast would have placed me there

Instead of here

In this  real  world.


So I gaze out between the cold metal saplings

Which are the boundaries of my world

And I can see the Infinite Beast

Who sees all

He is before the Orb of Truth

Which is a great black box

With a glowing eye

That reveals to Him the hidden mysteries of life

And teaches Him how He should live

He is sitting before it

Counting the lettuce leaves

Which somehow grant unto Him all power over all things

According to how many He has.

And over on the High Wooden Hill

The Orb of Wisdom sits chirping

It also is a box with a glowing eye

Which reveals all knowledge to Him

For it never forgets

And the Infinite Beast speaks to it

By pressing on small pebbles

That lie in a bed before it

But now the Round and Silent One,

Whose thin arms control His comings and goings,

Has looked down on Him in such a way

As to remind Him that He should now

Bring me another nutrition tablet

And to take His own as well



So tonight I will not be afraid

For somehow tonight I sense

That the Infinite Beast

Is really just a being very much like myself

Only larger




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